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Shredding and Recycling - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Paper shredding is very important to your Hatfield business! Putting your office or personal paper waste in the bin, or paper recycling container just is not safe! Identity theft is at an all time high, and simply leaving all your bills and other paper waste intact is not a very good idea.

Conventional paper shredder machines are not good for large quantities of paper shredding. Home paper shredding machines, like the kind they sell at office supply outlets are simply not made for large volumes of paperwork. Shredding even 3 or 4 boxes of papers with a few unopened letters will probably cause it to jam and burn out, unless you want to sit in your Hatfield office for hours and separate the papers, paper by paper or in 2-5 sheet quantities and feed them in manually.

Direct Shredding and Recycling services recommend that both homeowners and particularly businesses use a professional paper shredding service! There is far less chance that you will become a victim of costly identity theft. So if you live or work in the Hatfield area, why not call Direct Shredding and Recycling today.

Direct Shredding and Recycling Limited offer confidential, domestic and commercial paper and document shredding services for your added security. This can be done on and off site for your convenience. The shredded paper is safely and securely removed to our recycling plant, so using our paper and document shredding services is not only secure, it's environmentally responsible too.

Why not contact Direct Shredding and Recycling Limited on 0800 559 3885 or email us today for a quote
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